Celebrating hundreds of people who transformed their lives with the help of  The 4 Week Clean Eat

Glenys (Mother, Highland Dancing Instructor)- Lost over 5kg

(completed 4 Week Clean Eat 6 times)

I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week Clean Eating Challenge. So much so, I have continued using Lauren’s recipes 90% of the time.
Prior to commencing the 4 week challenge I was eating ‘healthy’ foods and exercising regularly. It was Lauren’s knowledge, support, encouragement, guidance and her tasty recipes that kept me on track, motivated, and successful in achieving my goal. I gave all the recipes at least one try. I don’t think there were any that I haven’t prepared for a second time. The FB support/discussion page with other clients was also beneficial in keeping me motivated and clarifying any questions.

I found organisation was the key to success. Planning ahead and preparing meals in advanced helped to stay on track in my busy lifestyle. It was good to know that my husband was willing to stick to the plan as well, to avoid complicated meal times. I found my success over the 4 weeks (I lost 5.6kgs) was due to following the plan exactly. This included packing meals for road trips and weekends away. Continuing to Clean Eat over the next 8 weeks allowed me to lose another 5 kilos (total of 10.6 over 12 weeks).During this time I wasn’t as strict, but found myself always getting back on track after a blowout, because I could feel the benefits of eating “Clean”. Another 12 weeks on and I have kept the weight off. Lauren has a genuine interest in her client’s health, and supports them in achieving their personal lifestyle goals.

Amanda (Teacher)- Completed 4 Week Clean Eat 4 times

I completed my first clean eating challenge in May 2014. I have always been a person to do a lot of exercise but I did not have the correct diet to go with it. I met Lauren and decided to give this 30 day challenge a go. Not only did it change my body, but at the same time I learnt so much about what is the right way to a healthy lifestyle. I had a very casual attitude going into the first clean eating challenge but once I could see the results after just one week I could not look back and I ended up being the biggest loser in the first challenge. I couldn’t believe it, my whole body had changed my expectations got met and exceeded. I have lost around 8-10kgs over the past year. I have now completed 4 x clean eating challenges and enjoyed every one. Not only do you feel lighter and healthier but what really is amazing is the constant support you receive from Lauren (a very good mentor!) and the other members of the group. The Facebook page makes all of the clean eating contestants become a community who are all working towards the same goal. This support is what keeps you going and may even make you a little competitive with each other (this is a good thing!) when you heard others results throughout the challenge.

I got married in May 2015 and because of these clean eating challenges I was so proud of how I looked on my special day! Without the constant support from Lauren and the clean eating team members I would have never got there! I am not one to usually complete “cleanses” but this clean eating challenge is only 4 weeks and because it is not about the calorie restrictions, it’s doable! Bonus – you walk away with a bunch of new recipe ideas!

Keely (Student)- lost 5kg

After completing Lauren Orsmby’s 4 week clean eating challenge my body has never felt better. In a matter of 2 weeks I had lost 3 kgs and finished being a total of 5kgs lighter. I started it in hope of becoming leaner, stronger and healthier. My reasons in doing this challenge were to improve my competitive swimming and hopefully get more out energy out of my food. I am currently in my senior year at school and I wanted to learn more on what I should and shouldn’t be eating. In swimming, I was struggling to maintain energy during meets and training sessions. I always felt lethargic and very sore.

I was eating lots of food but somehow I still was not meeting my energy output. I had heard good things about this program from friends and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Lauren is my personal trainer, a fantastic one at that, and she kindly encouraged me to take part in it. I’m glad I did because what I discovered changed my life. I am now fully aware of what is REAL food and what is not. All her recipes are super tasty and super easy to make, even for a 17 year old school girl. I now use these recipes on a day to day basis and highly recommend you do too. The healthy benefits are inevitable and can be shown throughout these pictures. Sign up for this challenge- you will not regret it!

Donna (Bakery Owner)- lost 4kg

Lauren, you are the best inspirational young person I know without your support throughout the last 18 months I probably woulln’t have the drive that you have given me to become a fitter and healthier person. I am 100% sure others in the group would have to agree. Thankyou very much.

Tracy (Public Health)– lost over 6kgs

I’m so happy with my results so far & will keep going to get the rest of this weight off! Can I tell you I had a “cheat meal” for lunch yesterday & karma got me – I was incredibly unwell all afternoon!

Thanks must go to you ‪Lauren for your guidance, support & patience with us all during our journeys. I know you say that’s your job, but I think it is so much more than that! Thank you – you are my inspiration! ‬‬

Regina (Motel Owner, Mother)- lost 6kg

Loved it! I liked that there a couple of options for each meal. As mentioned in other comments, quantities were often excessive, but in saying that, my family didn’t jump on the bandwagon, next time (?). Your encouragement was incredible and just what I needed. Thanks Lauren!

Bec (Mother)

I loved this challenge! The food was great, right up my alley. Luckily my husband was happy to eat most things as well so I didn’t have too many left overs going to waste. I froze whatever I could. I think this challenge is totally worth it. I have kept going with the clean eating (mostly ) with your recipes and the app you suggested. It is a little time time consuming but I’ve learnt that planning ahead is the key otherwise you are tempted to have other things. It was great and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Jodie (Mother)- Lost over 5kg

In the lead up to my Clean Eating experience I had lost 18kg and was struggling to lose the last 5kg. When Lauren suggested we do the Clean Eating Program my thoughts were “no way am I drinking veggie/fruit smoothes” YUK!! Once I found out there were other options other than smoothes, I decided to give it my best. In the first week of Clean Eating I found the first 2-3 days a little hard. From then on was easy. I found being organised with my meals was a huge plus! In my 4 week Clean Eating Program I lost just over 5kg. If I had not have been doing PT with Lauren for the last 12months and gained my fitness level and understanding on healthy eating I would not have tried the program and I would not have lost my 22.5kg. I would strongly recommend the 4 Week Clean Eat for anyone who wants to become healthier, lose weight or even just for a clean out! Last of all I would like to say a huge Thank you to Lauren for all your support! 🙂

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