We will help you create healthy habits that will change your life, in a short and manageable amount of time!


The 4 Week Clean Eat is for you if:

  • Want to lose weight
  • Need to give your “go to” recipes a refresh
  • Feel like you need a detox
  • Want to change your habits (even if its a small change)
  • Need constant encouragement & support from your peers & our team
  • Need someone to keep you accountable 🙂

Challenge - First Timers

Welcome to our 4 Week Clean Eat Community. We have lots of first timers join us to see what the fuss is all about and to make a positive change. With this option you get access to the full recipes, meal plan, support and closed Facebook Group.

Repeat Customers

This plan is for our valued customers who have participated in clean eating previously. This plan provides access to a full set of new recipes, meal plan and access to the closed Facebook motivation group.

Motivate Package

Already purchased one of our plans before and want to keep using that plan? This is the option for you! Get access to the closed Facebook motivation group, tips and tricks but just use the recipe and plans you have been sent previously (please note: recipes won’t be re-sent under this option).

4 Week Clean Eat Meal Plan

Just want a simple meal plan and recipes delivered to your inbox? This is the option for you. Please note, this option doesn’t include support or access to the closed Facebook motivation group.


Mother, Highland Dancing Instructor
(completed 4 Week Clean Eat 6 times)
I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week Clean Eating Challenge. So much so, I have continued using Lauren’s recipes 90% of the time.
Prior to commencing the 4 week challenge I was eating ‘healthy’ foods and exercising regularly. It was Lauren’s knowledge, support, encouragement, guidance and her tasty recipes that kept me on track, motivated, and successful in achieving my goal. I gave all the recipes at least one try. I don’t think there were any that I haven’t prepared for a second time. The FB support/discussion page with other clients was also beneficial in keeping me motivated and clarifying any questions.

I found organisation was the key to success. Planning ahead and preparing meals in advanced helped to stay on track in my busy lifestyle. It was good to know that my husband was willing to stick to the plan as well, to avoid complicated meal times. I found my success over the 4 weeks (I lost 5.6kgs) was due to following the plan exactly. This included packing meals for road trips and weekends away. Continuing to Clean Eat over the next 8 weeks allowed me to lose another 5 kilos (total of 10.6 over 12 weeks).During this time I wasn’t as strict, but found myself always getting back on track after a blowout, because I could feel the benefits of eating “Clean”. Another 12 weeks on and I have kept the weight off. Lauren has a genuine interest in her client’s health, and supports them in achieving their personal lifestyle goals.

Glenys Hughes


If you are ready to make a change, sign up to our challenge now. 
We promise this will change your life!


What Does It Include?

The 4 Week Clean Eat includes:

A detailed 4-week eating plan and shopping list provided weekly in-advance

A selection of healthy recipes that are easy to make and affordable

Access to a Facebook group which encourages support from your peers, coaches and yourself

Weekly goal monitoring (based on weight loss, images or clothing items

Before and after picture comparison

Access to a closed facebook group for the duration of The Challenge

Some of our fabulous recipes

The 4 Week Clean Eating Challenge features dozens of great tasting and easy-to-make recipes, all designed to help you lose weight, detox your body, increase energy and maximise your health!
Better still, because the recipes are easy to make, affordable and filling they will transform the way you eat forever.

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